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Friday, January 29, 2010


On Thursday I sent a little photo book I made for little Emma to our agency to be forwarded on. I hope it makes it to her in time for her to see it and have it be used to help her recognize us. I just can't even imagine what this transition is going to be like for her. We love her already, we know about her and we have already thought about how our lives will change with her...I pray she is resilient, that she is adventurous, that she has loved and loves, that she is determined and that she is flexible, that she is patient...actually I just sweet it will be to finally hold her and share our love for her. Even before we started this "paperwork trail" we always wanted more than 1 child and ideally she has been loved for years, before we knew she was possible, before we saw her face, before we knew her name...she was wanted and loved.

The photo book has her on the front and on the inside cover our family photo from the beach, then a photo of our house, then a photo of Mommy and Daddy, then just Big Cissy and on the back our cats. I also have a photo book where I can put 24 photos and record messages with them. I think I will put that together and take with us as we can tape Ellie Lu's voice and ours to get her used to us and also include photos of extended family and friends.

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