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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In 20 days...

In twenty days I will hold you in my arms for the very first time. I have tried to imagine this moment for nearly a year. I hope that I can comfort you and that you know...we will be with you forever. I hope that I can understand you and meet your needs. I hope that in time your little heart can open up and begin to trust us and eventually love us...we already love you. I hope that we can learn about your early life and learn to know what comforts you and what you like and what makes you smile and your favorite toy and I just can't wait to read to you and blow bubbles and make silly noises and blow rasberries on your tummy and tickle your piggies...we have so many first to experience and we have so much to learn about each much to look forward to.
I pray that somehow at almost 2 1/2 your foster family is trying to prepare you for your family, we pray that we are able to meet them, either way we will keep them in your life thru letters and phone calls. In twenty short days, you will be placed in our arms and we just can't wait.

Our Itinerary...for Emma Lynn

We have received our Visas which allow us to enter China. We now have our travel itinerary and in 14 short days we will be leaving for this journey that we never thought was possible and thru extraordinary events has been made possible...we are so ready and just can't wait to leave. Please join us as we travel to meet our newest daughter Emma Lynn...

We also are a bit nervous leaving Ellie Lu but she will be in GREAT hands, Aunt Sheshee will be caring for her and she will have her own adventure on the "farm: while Momma and Daddy bring Cissy home...pray for us ALL we have only been away from her for 1 night since June 22nd 2008...just typing it takes my breath away...pray that she is happy and content and doesn't even notice we are away...pray for health for us all...just pray!

May 11th: depart Chattanooga 2:10 pm est for our 2nd Journey of A Lifetime
Fly to Los Angeles and connect with China Southern departing 11:40 pm
pst to Guangzhou

May 13th: arrive Guangzhou 6:20 am(6:20 pm est May 12th) connect with China
Southern flight and arrive in Guilin 10:40 am

May 13th: private transfer to hotel, Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel rest up and sightsee on
our own

Guilin Lijiang Waterfall Hotel

May 14th: meet our guide after breakfast and go to the Guilin City SWI and take photos of outside of orphanage, then travel by private driver to Quanzhou County to visit finding location of You Jing Jing and tour the Xiangshan Temple.

May 15th: after breakfast meet our guide and driver to embark on the Li River Cruise, arrive in Yangshuo late afternoon check into River View Hotel and shop for “Wedding ball” for each girl, then watch the evening water show Impression Liusanjie Show.

River View Hotel Yangshuo Bilian

May 16th: enjoy early morning in Yangshuo, take private transfer to Nanning via Guilin on the highway, arrive Nanning between 5-6 pm local time check into the Majestic Hotel, rest up and prepare for Emma Day!

Majestic Hotel (Mingyuan Xindu) in Nanning China

May 17th: Emma Lynn Day and Daddy’s 56th Birthday and Emma’s 2 ½ birthday! We will meet Emma Lynn at 3:30pm local time (3:30 am est) at the local Civil Affairs Office.

May 18th: Adoption registration and notarization at the local Civil Affairs Office, in the afternoon shopping for children’s supplies.

May 19th: Baby bonding…Optional sightseeing activity, offered by local guide TBA.

May 20th: Baby bonding…Optional sightseeing activity, offered by local guide TBA.

May 21st: Late check out and travel to Guangzhou arriving via China Southern arriving at 7:55 pm local time. Check into the White Swan hotel.

White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou, China

May 22nd: Medical and TB Test for Emma Lynn

May 23rd: Church and free day…sightseeing, shopping

May 24th: TB results and shop

May 25th: VISA appointment

May 26th : Oath taking ceremony

May 27th: Pick up Visa for Emma Lynn

May 28th: Free day late checkout depart Guangzhou 9 pm local time and arrive LA May 28th
6:50 pm Emma Lynn becomes a US Citizen.

May 29th: Depart LA 1:40 am pst arrive Memphis 7:22 am central and depart for
Chattanooga 9:15 am Delta flight 5176 arriving in Chattanooga
11:22 am est (if you want to welcome us home please do...we would love to see you ALL)

May 29th: Arrive Home!!!!!

May 30th: Travel to Knoxville to pick up Ellie Lu and bring her home to meet her sister…family bonding time…..adjusting to being a family of FOUR!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

TA...delivered by the Fedex Lady

My doorbell rang on Monday mid day and not expecting anything I almost didn't answer...truth be known there was a knock on Friday that I didn't answer...same package. Turns out the actual TA arrived by I had to hunt down my camera and document its arrival...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Confirmed dates...finally

In am not sure when I will learn this, but life would not be life if everything worked exactly like we expected or needed it to and it seems at times to be the worst thing that could possibly be happening, but all in all things do work out.

We leave for China in 28 days.....more later

Monday, April 5, 2010


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It only took 106 days to get here and let's not mention the chocolate that was consumed and the sleepless nights and imagining for some reason it would not come...oh and the phone call last week to our agency fearing they would run out of "spots" and we would not get to travel until June.

So now we wait to here when our consulate appointment will be and then they schedule our actual travel...hope it will be first week of May, but at this point...just tell us when and we will be there.