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Friday, January 1, 2010

What Now....

Well the LOA is signed and will arrive at our agency on Monday January 4th, it is my understanding it will sit their until we get our 1800 back. It has also been sent off and should arrive Monday January 4th to be processed. I have heard mixed things expect 2 weeks/month for processing so we shall see. Basically we are at day 11 since LOA and nothing has happened because we have had back to back holidays the wreck havoc on getting anything in really I think Monday January 4th will be our day 1 and I believe by February 1 something will have happened and hopefully our I800 processes without the need for any additional information...with that my best guesstimate right now is we will be in and our of China prior to the trade fair which I believe begins April 14th.

To those who may stop by who have "been there done that" as in traveled to China to adopt or specifically Nanning and Guangxi and or Guilin...we would love any advice you have our little one will be 28 months old when we meet in China...the same age our "first bug" is right now.

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