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Friday, January 29, 2010


On Thursday I sent a little photo book I made for little Emma to our agency to be forwarded on. I hope it makes it to her in time for her to see it and have it be used to help her recognize us. I just can't even imagine what this transition is going to be like for her. We love her already, we know about her and we have already thought about how our lives will change with her...I pray she is resilient, that she is adventurous, that she has loved and loves, that she is determined and that she is flexible, that she is patient...actually I just sweet it will be to finally hold her and share our love for her. Even before we started this "paperwork trail" we always wanted more than 1 child and ideally she has been loved for years, before we knew she was possible, before we saw her face, before we knew her name...she was wanted and loved.

The photo book has her on the front and on the inside cover our family photo from the beach, then a photo of our house, then a photo of Mommy and Daddy, then just Big Cissy and on the back our cats. I also have a photo book where I can put 24 photos and record messages with them. I think I will put that together and take with us as we can tape Ellie Lu's voice and ours to get her used to us and also include photos of extended family and friends.

We have our letter...

The letter arrived yesterday and today we got word that our LOA, I-800 Pre-Approval, DS-230 and our NVC letter all went to Guangzhou today. So where does that leave us least 2 weeks until Article 5...So earliest Febuary 5th and more than likely the following week...the 8th or so and then 2-4 weeks until TA, but since the CCAA is likely closed between Febuary 13th until the end of February I am thinking March 1 is as soon as we might expect TA if then...very slim chance of traveling before the trade show in April in my mind at this point...I sure hope we are able to...I would love to leave March 30 or March 31st...prayers please....that would get us home before "tax day"...heee,heee,heee!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Letter Yet...

How many times can you check the mail in a week...well not really a week but um 5 days. Come on letter we need you to arrive asap. On a lighter note I put most of Emma's clothes in zip lock bags and organized them we had washed them a week or so ago. Ellie Lu was home from school sick and she said "Momma I help with Cissy's clothes". I don't know for sure if she really understands...but I hope when the time comes...the transition is smooth...for both.

**just so you know our 2 year old insist on helping with everything

Friday, January 22, 2010

NVC Letter...

This is a new step in an already "paper laden" process. Because it is new nobody knows...well I say it is new...the letter is now required for your information to go to the consulate which actually begins the process leading to travel approval. So today I call the "number' busy, busy, busy,busy, busy well finally I get a ring and then hold, hold, hold, hold and finally another ring and a person. She says something like can I get your "ticket number" not that but something like that...we there are no less than 4 or 5 numbers on my I800 so I begin to recite them and she says "we have no record of this case" "you need to call USCIS". Now I am like hold on trigger I haven't called gillion times and waited on hold for then I give her this one last number some number that begins with 3 letters and then she grilles me, petitioner name, beneficiary name, blah, blah, blah...she found us. Then says "if you don't have your letter in a week call us back". WHAT...I just know one thing that letter better come in a week, cause they don't want to hear from me....that is all I gotta say....keeping my eye on what is important...Emma Lynn...enjoy!

This was from back in May (I think)...look how determined she looks one of my favorite photos of it

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Announcing our Little Ladybug...Emma Lynn

**thanks Donna for making this special little announcment for us.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I-800 Preliminary Approval...

Well today I went to the mailbox and much to my surprise....I-800 Pre-approval. We had gotten a notice a day or so ago that they had received our now we wait for the letter from the National Visa Center and then our agency will send our LOA, I-800 and the DS-230 and send to Guangzhou to begin the process for travel approval. Beginning January 15th a new step was added...which requires this letter from the National Visa is unclear whether it will add to the amount of time it takes to get travel approval, but the thought is it could. Currently if all goes well....this is what we are thinking...
LOA:December 21,2009
I-800 approved: January 14, 2010
Letter: January 21, 2010
Cable: January 30, 2010
Article 5: March 5, 2010
TA: March 16, 2010
Travel Dates: March 30 – April 14, 2010
** Everything in light purple is a guestimate
So there is very little room to spare to get us in and out of China prior to the trade fair may be May before we much to do...

Friday, January 1, 2010

What Now....

Well the LOA is signed and will arrive at our agency on Monday January 4th, it is my understanding it will sit their until we get our 1800 back. It has also been sent off and should arrive Monday January 4th to be processed. I have heard mixed things expect 2 weeks/month for processing so we shall see. Basically we are at day 11 since LOA and nothing has happened because we have had back to back holidays the wreck havoc on getting anything in really I think Monday January 4th will be our day 1 and I believe by February 1 something will have happened and hopefully our I800 processes without the need for any additional information...with that my best guesstimate right now is we will be in and our of China prior to the trade fair which I believe begins April 14th.

To those who may stop by who have "been there done that" as in traveled to China to adopt or specifically Nanning and Guangxi and or Guilin...we would love any advice you have our little one will be 28 months old when we meet in China...the same age our "first bug" is right now.