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Friday, January 29, 2010

We have our letter...

The letter arrived yesterday and today we got word that our LOA, I-800 Pre-Approval, DS-230 and our NVC letter all went to Guangzhou today. So where does that leave us least 2 weeks until Article 5...So earliest Febuary 5th and more than likely the following week...the 8th or so and then 2-4 weeks until TA, but since the CCAA is likely closed between Febuary 13th until the end of February I am thinking March 1 is as soon as we might expect TA if then...very slim chance of traveling before the trade show in April in my mind at this point...I sure hope we are able to...I would love to leave March 30 or March 31st...prayers please....that would get us home before "tax day"...heee,heee,heee!

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