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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just a few goodies...

We have been pre-packing Emma's clothes and here are a few of the sweet goodies we have for her. She has some new things and also some sweet things that were Cissy's...enjoy!

Sweet little layette line from Gymboree "Lovebug"

Some of big Cissy's "goodies" just for Emma

Ellie Lu hardly wore this group from Gymboree with it

Big Cissy's cuties again from Straasburg, Gymboree...too cute not to pass along

More pink...more big Cissy's ...more dots or ladybugs...I see a trend

All new from the Gymboree layette line "Love bug"

I have also bought some sweet matching and coordinating outfits for the girls. I have read when adding another child to the home dressing them alike or similar makes them feel apart of each other. Of course right now there is a big difference in there sizes Ellie Lu is nearly 36 inches tall and 32 pounds and last info on Emma she was 30 inches talll and 20 pounds. Can't wait to hold them both in my arms at one time....:)

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