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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 93 since LOA...

It has been 90 days since we received our LOA and back in December....the average was 90 days and you would be in China...well we ran into multiple holidays and the trade fair and a new process added so here we sit at day 93 with no word on TA and hopefully we will be traveling the first week of May.

Of course we still have tons to do and who really gets it all done before leaving RIGHT, but right now all I am thinking is I can't wait to hold my Emma Lynn and give her a big smooch....COME ON TA...WANT TO FINALIZE PLANS AND GET OUR GIRL...It has been 19 days since notification of article 5...could we hear something this week?
Check Spelling

When Ellie Lu saw this photo she thought it was a photo of funny

Anticipated Timeline:

TA - by April 1

Emma Lynn Day - May 10

CA - May 19

Arrive home - May 21st pm

Travel Dates May 4 - May 21

Monday, March 8, 2010

VISAS...arrived today...

One more thing checked off the list our VISA's arrived today...we must enter China by September 3, 2010....which we should be there and back and then some long before then. So now we wait on Travel Approval and really I don't think there is any way we are leaving any sooner than the first of May with the other various obstacles in our fair, staff training etc and I have accepted it will be about 30 additional days until we hold our sweet little Emma...what keeps me going is forever...we will have forever and we really have no we wait! This is a new photo she not the cutest thing...I wonder if they have cut her hair?

Emma Lynn "Jing Jing" taken on November 20th, 2009

Friday, March 5, 2010

An Update....Finally

On January 22nd I went ahead and sent in the 5 questions we were allowed to ask sensing we would be leaving for China by March I thought...well I checked back several times over the last few weeks only to be told that due to all the holidays in such nothing had arrived. Yesterday after getting the news of our article 5 I asked again and today I got an email indicating I should have gotten an email on February 4th, but I had not...overdue but an update is good anytime. Look at how our little ladybug II is growing.

1. The last photos and measurements we have are from May 2009, could we get updated measurements and photos with respect to her size?
Weight: 11kg =24.2 pounds Height: 81cm =31.9 inches Head circumference: 46cm =18.1 Chest circumference: 45cm =17.7 Feet length: 13cm =5.1 inches Teeth number: 15
Update photos please see the attachment. The last we had heard she only weighed just over 20 pounds...yeah she is close to 25 pounds. She is 1 1/2 inches taller,her chest and head about the same,her foot is slightly bigger and she has lost one tooth...maybe a miscount last time she had 16 :).

2. Does she still have asthma and what medications does she take to control or manage her symptoms?
No, and she health is much better than before. This is great news...we had worried some if she still had asthma and how it might limit her...praise the Lord!

3. What is her diet now and is she still drinking formula from a bottle or cup?
She eats rice, noodle, vegetable, meat and fruit. She likes drinking milk with cup, and adults help her to hold the cup. I still plan to give her the next step formula for 6 months to help her catch up.

4. Her medical indicated she was on target developmentally at one year, now that she is 2 is she walking and talking, how has she continued to develop?
She can speak baba(dad), mama(mom), yeye(grandpa), nainai(grandma), and she can speak two-words-sentence like come here, want water. She can count the number from one to ten. She walks freely and goes up and down stairs by self. She draws on the paper without meaning. She also can pick up a nut and take off her clothes. This is so exciting and I can't wait to hear her first words and to say some words she might understand.

5. How is she being prepared for her adoption? Will she stay with her foster family or be returned to the SWI?
She will stay in foster family before adoption, and the orphanage staff will tell her foster parents when the girl will be adopted. During the period, the foster parents will tell Jing Jing about the family members of adopted family and other information they knew.
We sent a photo album of our family and it has stickers with both the English and Mandarin Chinese identifying each photo.

Since we won't be there for another...66 days this was food for this Momma's soul. I really do not know how I have endured this wait knowing our daughter is in China and growing up without us..I just keep thinking we have forever and that is what I hold too and I do know she is loved and cared for...and there is not much else that I can do. Now this is what you have been waiting taken on January 7th of this year.
Our Precious Ladybug II in her Volunteer Orange...Precious!

So Proud...

I can't wait to see her first steps she seems assured...

**Tante we need scarves like this for Emma and Ellie Lu...Mommy too!...hint hint!

Update: I asked Ellie Lu who these new photos were and she looked puzzled and hesitantly said "Ellie Lu"...and I said no honey they are Jing Jing and she said Cissy looks like Ellie Lu...oh my words to my heart...she has never said she doesn't look like Mommy or Daddy but I am happy she will have a family member she looks like...God is good!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Article 5...

We received notice today that our Article 5 was sent to the CCAA today. Typically after Article 5 notification your TA arrives in 3 -4 weeks. You can see my guesstimate here from a few weeks ago. It doesn't look possible at this point that we would leave prior to April and since the trade fair is in Guangzhou nearly the whole month of April and then the last week our agency has staff training it is unlikely we will be in China prior to the first week of May...disappointed...YES, but what can you do...nothing but get prepared. So prepare we will...let the all out packing begin and finalize the girls room and purge anything that is not needed...the time will pass quickly.

I think we will get notice of TA by March26th and then we will depart for China on May 5th...looks like we will celebrate Mel's birthday in China...gotcha will likely be on May 10th. Still waiting on an update of our girl and answers to our questions....maybe those will come in the next day or two.

Emma Lynn November 2009

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something Special...for the red couch...

Right before we left for China in 2008 I found the most exquisite outfit for Ellie Lu. I loved it for many me it was very "baby" and looked like the type of outfit my Mother would have made to bring her children home from the hospital in. Well I don't think any of my Mother's creations are around and even if they were...they wouldn't fit a then 10 month old baby. So I was thrilled to find this special outfit and decided we would have Ellie Lu's red couch photo in it. Mind you white is not the color of choice in China, and most would have the traditional Chinese dress, but I thought "my find" was a nice mix of both.

Fast forward 2 years and once we received our LOA I began to think about packing and what our little ladybug II would wear on red couch photo day. I looked and looked for something sweet for a 2 year old and found nothing...nada. I will clarify nothing that met both criteria ...sweet and "Asian" like in design. So I found the manufacturer of our first outfit and called them and I was just going to inquire where I might buy something in a size 18 month or 2. Sadly no retailer would have that we chatted a bit more and I mentioned I might find someone to make something special for me...and "Rita" said we do custom work. Imagine my delight...we talked back and forth and at first I was only going to get ladybug II an outfit and then Rita suggested it might be nice for the girls to have a photo done together in them....that was in December...this week I got an email they are done and on their way. I can't wait to see them! They arrived today...

Here is a little reminder of what Ellie Lu looked like on the red couch, so sweet...