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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements...

At first I thought each child must have their OWN room. Then it occurred to me that they likely would prefer to be together. So I asked around...twin Moms, Moms of children close in age and most said yes sharing a room is best and I suppose at some point if it is not working out we can separate. So it is settled they will share a room.

So then do we get another crib/toddler bed or do we get 2 new toddler beds alike and migrate Ellie Lu to a new bed prior to leaving for China. My thoughts were it is unlikely that Emma has slept in a crib, most likely she has slept with her foster Mom or another child in the home. So I thought a crib might be confining to her. Keep in mind Ellie Lu loves her bed it is her "palace" and has not tried to climb out and just has slept so well in not really looking forward to her being able to get out of bed and run around and all that comes with a toddler bed, but she is 2 1/2 so I suppose it is time.

I loved this bed for many reason Jenny Lind Dream on Me in White...classic!but for some reason it has been on back order forever and it appears it is now no longer made in white. I also liked this bed, but it only had one side rail and was a little too "fru fru" this is the bed I settled on and I hope it works out for the girls. I ordered 2 and they should arrive soon. They came on February 5th...still need to get mattresses and bedding asap.

I still need to get mattresses and bedding. I asked Ellie Lu what color bedding she wanted...choices were light green, pink or a pale yellow in the minky dot...she wanted pink for her and "Jing Jing". I found a nice set at Penney's then read the review and it said it was lined with some polyester whatever so now looking for a nice Minky dot with maybe cotton or jersey or just some kind of soft lining. Otherwise the room will still look mostly the same...sans diaper changing table and possibly the rocker. I am thinking of putting both in the room next door in case I need to rock someone in the middle of the night and man I just love the changer it will be hard to let that go.

The view from the door

Of course the crib will go and her special things will move to the toddler bed

The bathroom will be the same

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