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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 93 since LOA...

It has been 90 days since we received our LOA and back in December....the average was 90 days and you would be in China...well we ran into multiple holidays and the trade fair and a new process added so here we sit at day 93 with no word on TA and hopefully we will be traveling the first week of May.

Of course we still have tons to do and who really gets it all done before leaving RIGHT, but right now all I am thinking is I can't wait to hold my Emma Lynn and give her a big smooch....COME ON TA...WANT TO FINALIZE PLANS AND GET OUR GIRL...It has been 19 days since notification of article 5...could we hear something this week?
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When Ellie Lu saw this photo she thought it was a photo of funny

Anticipated Timeline:

TA - by April 1

Emma Lynn Day - May 10

CA - May 19

Arrive home - May 21st pm

Travel Dates May 4 - May 21


  1. Emily
    So sorry that ya'll are having to wait so long! That stinks! 93 days is crazy! Sending you guys prayers and hugs. Can't wait to follow your journey!
    Peggy, Bob & Faith

  2. Emily --
    Our timeline is about the same as yours; we rcvd' our Article 5 when you rcvd' yours...I'm hoping, really hoping we will rcv' our TA this week. We were matched on Dec. 2 and at that time Holt thought travel would be about 3 months! If you feel like being distracted with an art/ design project for your daughter's room, stop on by my Well wishes/ Collene


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