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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


What happens now…well we were officially logged in with the CCAA on October 20th, 2009 so it has now been 22 days since we were logged in and the “counter” began officially counting.

Here is how things normally work…anywhere between day 60 and 90 we could get what is called LOA this gets the ball rolling as far as travel goes, see what the acronyms mean here

So since we were logged in October 20, 2009 day 60 would be December 19th…so I suppose we could wish for LOA for Christmas…then on the upper end day 90 would be…February 17th which would be a belated Valentine’s gift.

Once the LOA is signed and returned it is usually 80 – 90 more days until you actually are united with your child in China…it used to be closer to 60 prior to the Hague process…so it is really important that we get our LOA…once we have it we will have a much better idea on when we could travel for example…if we got LOA on December 19th then travel would likely be around March 19th…but if LOA does not come until February 17th then we would not likely travel until mid May….we can’t wait to meet our little “peanut” so hopefully everything will move along quickly.

Now of course anything could come up to delay all of thisso continue to pray for our little one she turns 2 on November 17th and although she is in foster care….we want her to be with her forever family as soon as possible.


  1. Yay for the LID!! Can't wait to hear as you get closer to your little girl. How exciting! Another local friend is waiting for TA to leave for China to bring home their toddler son. Quite a growing community! Would love to schedule a play date with sweet Ellie Lu and Lia.

  2. exciting times ahead for the "ladybug" family!! :)
    We absolutely can't wait to follow you to China and back again! Lets hope the friendly sky's are MUCH more friendly this time around! lol.


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