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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Little Ladybug is growing...

On October 18th I was sitting at a traffic light and looked at my email messages on my phone and I had an update...the sun was shining so beautifully and I felt so full knowing I would know just a bit more about soon as the email opened. I was thankful for a long red light and was able to read about our little "bug" and then I saw a new photo too...our little girl is growing up and is just precious. I believe this information is current so she would be 23 months old when these measurements were done.

Height :77.5cm =30 1/2 inches she has grown 3 inches since May
Weight :
9.5kg = 20.9 pounds she has grown 3 pounds since May and is over 20 pounds now
Head :
45cm = 17.7 inches
Chest :46cm = 18.1
Feet :12cm = 4.7 inches almost a size 5 foot
Teeth:16 she has 8 more teeth since May
  • She can run
  • She can use a spoon to eat food
  • She can count one
  • When she watches TV,she copies dance part a lot
  • She also can wave bye
  • She is not picky with her food, she loves to eat tomato,grapes ,but she does not like to eat apple
  • She also loves to play with balls
  • She knows how to go to the toilet by herself
  • When her foster mom does laundry,she will get a small chair and set on her side
  • She is a very sweet child .

She will soon be 2 years old and it breaks my heart to know what we are missing, but in the bigger picture we will have a lifetime of memories together and she is in a family environment and you can tell she is loved by them and we already love her. Counting the days until we are together....

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