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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will there be a "Ladybug II"?.....

We celebrated Mel's birthday on Sunday with much joy, but I at the same time we both had something very pressing on our minds...why had we not heard anything since April 9th...were our dreams of adopting a brother or sister for Ellie Lu over and we had just not been notified...or was there still hope....

I had wanted to call our agency last week...but really didn't want to have whatever the status was "taint" Mel's first birthday with his I just hoped we would hear something...but we did not. Last Thursday I had a dream...we got the call and we were referred a 4 year old little girl with a repaired cleft lip and palate my dream I questioned our agency we had asked for a child younger than Ellie Lu...but they seemed to think this child was the perfect fit for our family.

Later in the weekend we had dinner with my Aunt Betsy who was in the area for a violet brother Colin and his family also came...we had not seen them since returning from China...Ellie Lu became fast friends with her cousin Cwen who is five....and was also adopted from China.

While we waited on Aunt Betsy all the kids romped around the grounds of the Chattanooga Choo Choo (Cooper, Charlie, Cwen and Ellie Lu) and I have to say she enjoyed the older children much more than she does children her own age or younger....was this another sign that we may in fact be referred an older child?

Well Monday came and with it the burden of finding out...I waited most of the day and then I sent this email...

In a message dated 5/18/2009 2:45:04 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, EDFKnox writes:
Dear "B",
We last spoke to you the first week of April when we had been informed by "M" that many of the children in the child of promise program had notations that "family dossier must already be in China". When I spoke to you I understood better what was taking place and you explained that you were trying to seek more information and possibly seeking an extension on those families that this may cause them to be ineligible.

Yesterday Mel turned 55 and of course we celebrated, but we also spoke about this milestone possibly being the end of a expand our family so that Ellie Lu might have a sibling. Please let us know where we stand with regard to the "child of promise option" and a match. Our hearts are ready to be matched and we are about to celebrate a year as parents and would be overjoyed to begin a new journey. We are making progress on our dossier and would like to know if we should continue as well. Thanks.

I received a response back this morning...I was very nervous opening the mail as I was not sure what it would say...

Dear Emily:

Thank you so much for checking in! We were not able to secure a child in this most recent group for you. But we have not forgotten. Please let me check with our overseas staff to see if there is flexibility in the regulations to allow you to be matched, now that Mel is 55. The issue may be the age of child, and I know you are hoping to bring in the next child younger than your little girl. I will keep you posted. Thanks,


Our vision... Finding Families for Children

So I say...pray...pray that the child that is meant to be in our family is revealed...maybe he or she is 5 or maybe they are much younger...just pray...we would so love for Ellie Lu to have a sibling...we will keep you posted....

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  1. Hey Emily! I agree that the issue may simply be the age of the child! I feel in my bones there will be a "ladybug 2"! Who wants to go through that potty chair thing again anyway :) :).. 4+ is a great age!! I have 2 in that category you are welcome to borrow and see for yourself anytime!

    I can't tell you how thankful we are that John has a sibling. Fight for it E + M. I know you will, and you won't be sorry. Don't give up!

    Come north up the Interstate sometime! We want to see Ladybug 1 in person!!!


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