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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Medical Needs Checklist...

As part of the process to participate in the China Child of Promise Option we had to fill out a form with medical conditions that we were open to and that we could find treatment for. Nobody ever wants to "choose" but we must be informed and prepared for the issues our child would face with their condition. The conditions we are most comfortable with are ones in which we have friends or acquaintances that we have come to know who have children with these conditions.

Here are some places we went to get more information on Cleft Lip and Palate, Heart conditions, Club foot, Rickets and Strabismus. At this point our agency will search the shared lists when it is released and look for a child with a condition that we have indicated we are prepared for. They will then contact us and we will have a short period of time to accept this referral and meet with physicians to put a plan of therapy together to meet the medical needs of the child. That will be submitted to the CCAA and if it is accepted then our dossier will be forwarded for approval and then we would wait for travel approval...without any knowledge of how often the list is available or how often it is updated we really have no idea if we could be matched in the short period of time that is available...we hope.

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