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Thursday, May 13, 2010

We are in Guilin...

We arrived into Guangzhou at about 5 am China time on Thursday May 13th after about 27 hours of travel. Then connected on a flight to Guilin and arrived at our hotel around noon...34 hours of travel and our awesome guide Lily offered to show us around...plan A was to crash plan B was to allow Lily to show us around. She took us to the South China Sea Pearl Museum and we had a private lesson on pearls and a "pearl fashion show" then we entered into the sales floor and it was a Walmart sized room of pearls...fresh water and sea pearls all from this area. We had fun!

Then I wanted to experience a Chinese department store...after a detour to KFC...let's just say I can now say I am a member of the "squatty potty club" we went thru a 7 story department store and it was something, but it is so hard to buy something I don't know how they sell a thing. Lily helped me and made it much easier to purchase 2 cute pairs of shoes for the "girls". We are now "resting" and will leave in a bit for dinner with Lily and then the acrobat show. I will upload a few photos when we return...we have had a great trip so far and have many funnies to share..but right now you just want to know we made it and we did...will update more later.

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  1. So glad you are safely there! Will be following your journey to little Miss Emma!
    Blessings & Joy,
    Peggy & Faith


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